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National Short term courses / Workshops/ Seminars / Conferences Organized

  1. Summer Teacher Training Program on topic,” Emerging issues in Architecture and Planning” organized on 14th – 19th July 2008 (Six Day),  sponsored by MHRD.
  2. Summer Teacher Training Program on topic,” Managing Research  in Architecture and  Planning” organized on 13th – 18th July 2009 (Six Day), sponsored by MHRD.
  3. National Bamboo workshop on Wardha Model for Rural Housing organized on 19th -24th Sept. 2005 (Six day), sponsored by National Mission on Bamboo Application, New Delhi.
  4. Workshop for Teacher and Student, “ Bamboo-2004” organized on 17th – 21st Sept. 2004 (Five Day),  under TEQIP Networking Scheme, VNIT, Nagpur.
  5. Workshop for Teacher and Professional,” Structural Safety & Arch. Design” organized on 5th -6th Feb, 2008 (Two Day) under TEQIP Community Development, VNIT, Nagpur.
  6. Workshop for Brick Masons,” Best Practices in Brick Construction” organized on 9th May 2008 (One day) under TEQIP Community Development, VNIT, Nagpur.
  7. Workshop for Professional / West Zone Conference on topic, “Orientation of Planning Profession & Education for 21st Century” Joint venture of  VNIT and ITPI organized on 3rd Jan 2009  (One Day).
  8. Workshop for Teacher and Students on B.Arch. and M. Tech. Syllabus Revision organized on 15th Jan 2009 (One Day) under TEQIP Community Development, VNIT, Nagpur.

International Conferences Participation

  1. International Conference on topic, ” Future of Cities: Opportunities and Challenges” held on 27th – 28th July 2017 at New Delhi, organized by Institute of Town Planners India, New Delhi.
  2.  International Conference on topic, “Town and Country Planning Education: Retrospect and Prospect” held on 21-23 Nov. 2014 at Mysore university, organized by Mysore University in association with ITPI, New Delhi and SPA New Delhi, Bhopal and Vijayawada.
  3. International Conference on topic, “Urban Planning and Regional  Management “ held on 13, 14 & 15 Nov. 2012 at Venice, Italy, organised by World Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering (WASET).
  4. International Conference on topic, ”Contemporary Architecture Beyond Corbusierism” held on 8-9th  Nov. 2011 at Chandigarh organized by Indian Institute of Architects.
  5.  International Congress on topic, “Future of Asian cities” held on 24-26th Nov. 2009 at Ahmadabad, organized by CEPT, University, Ahmadabad.

National Short term course/ Workshop/ Seminars / Conferences Participation

  • Participated in more than 35 Short term course/Conference/Workshop/Seminar