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Title of paper, “A review on Distribution, Benefits, Growing Treads and Management Strategies of Wetlands in Kerala, India”. Reshma Vilasan and Dr. Vijay Kapse


Send for publication (SCI Journal)

Title of paper,” Evaluation of Decision Making Process for Urban Public Transport In India: Using DELPHI Approach” Nitin Lambat, Dr. Vijay Kapse, Dr. Chandra Sabnani  


International Conference on “Urban Planning and Regional  Management “ organised by World Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering (WASET) at Venice, Italy on 13, 14 & 15 Nov. 2012. Title “Paradigm of Relocation of Urban Poor Habitats (Slums):          Case Study of Nagpur City” Paper published in WASTE online Journal: Issue no 71, Nov.2012, Article no. 145 & page no. 857.


National Journal of Institute of Town Planners, India. ISSN 0537-967DELENG/2004/12725, Volume – 10 November -1, January – March 2013 Title “Review of Involuntary Resettlement of Forcibly Evicted People” page no 24.


National Congress of Town and Country Planners organised by Institute of Town Planners , India at Panchkula, Hariyana on 10-12 February 2011.Title “Relocation Strategies of Urban Poor Habitats (Slums) with relevance to Adequate Housing : A case study of Nagpur city”


Paper title “Material for restructuring for earthquake disaster building” for National   seminar on Multisectoral role of Architect and Engineers for earthquake disaster  scheduled on 26-28 Dec 2002 at IPS academy , Indore.


Paper title “Bamboo as a green material” for Mid Term Session and Seminar On: Green Building” at Raipur, organized by Indian Building Congress, New Delhi. Scheduled on Nov. 2006.


Daily newspaper “Hitavada – Future” Article title “Carrier in Town & Country Planning” 22nd June 2010.


Presentation  at Workshop on “Bamboo Application” under TEQIP Networking scheme organised by Dept. of            Architecture and Planning VNIT, Nagpur, India, along with Prof. Chandra Sabnani. 17-21 Sept. 2004.


Base paper presentation at National Workshop  on “Bamboo Technology”, sponsored by National mission on Bamboo application, New Delhi   and organised by Dept. of Metallurgy and Dept. of Architecture and planning VNIT, Nagpur, India, September 2005 along with Prof. Chandra Sabnani and Prof. Dilip Peshave. 19-24 Sept. 2005.


Presentation at National Seminar on “Building Byelaws” organised by Dept. Of Applies Mechanics, VNIT, Nagpur, along with Prof. Chandra Sabnani , 17th May 2007.


Presentation on occasion of World Standards Day on “Intelligent & Sustainable Buildings” organised by Bureau of Indian Standards, Nagpur, 14th Oct. 2008.


Presentation at workshop on “Best Practices in Brick Construction” under TEQIP Community Dev. Scheme organised by Dept. Of Architecture and Planning, VNIT, Nagpur, 9th May 2008.


Presentation at Summer Teacher Training Program on “Low cost Housing” sponsored by MHRD and organised by Department of Architecture and Planning, VNIT, Nagpur 14- 19 July 2008