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1 Regeneration of Brownfields in Nagpur, for Sustainable Development 2013 Archna Gubre
2 Sustainable Approach for Conserving and Managing for Urban water bodies 2014 Pulluri Sangeetha
3 Revitazation of commercial market of core city- A case study of Calicut, Kerala 2015 Reshma Vilasan
4 Pedestrian Friendly Plan- A Case study of Tiruvanthapuram 2015 Anisha
5 Conservation and Management of Urban Lakes in Coimbatore 2016 Simna Subramanian
6 Road Safety Management. A case study of Pune City 2016 Gopagoniwar Sachin Venkatnarayan
7 Residential Location Choice Preferences and Behaviour analysis of Nagpur City 2017 Devendra Mohabe