S. M.Deshkar  >>Projects Supervised (Postgraduate)

2016: Socio-ecological Resilience of Forest Tribal Populations 

2016: Landslide Risk Resilience of Hilly Regions of Nagaland

2016:Planning for resilience of Rural Settlements in Melghat 

2015: Reinvigoration as a tool for Vulnerability Reduction in Old City Areas

2015: Transit Oriented Developments

2015: Climate Disaster Resilience of Coastal Cities in India

2014: Flood Disaster Risk Management Plan for Nagpur City

​2014: Green Infrastructures as an approach for Urban Storm Water Management

2014: Conservation and Management of Urban Ecosystem Services

2014: Study of Transformation of a Sustainable Neighbourhood in Urban Areas through Infrastructure Analysis (Co-supervision)

2013: Urban Flood Risk Reduction by Resiliency Planning: A case of Kochi City

2013: Green Infrastructure Plan for Urban Eco-tourism: Case study Nagpur

2012: An Approach towards Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Historic Cities: A case of Jhochhen, Kathmandu

2009: Environmental Management Plan for Settlements in Coal Mine Areas of Bhadravati, Chandrapur

2009: Development Plan for Large Scale Project Affected Settlements