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Dr. Sameer Deshkar is Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Planning where he leads as Coordinator of post-graduate course in Urban Planning. He shares the responsibility of course work teaching and supervision of doctoral research projects of architecture and planning concerns. His research interests focus around Climate Disasters, Disaster Management and Risk Resilience, and Socio-Ecological Systems studies. 

An interdisciplinary background in Architecture, Environmental Planning, Disaster Risk Resilience and Biodiversity Conservation provides him the opportunities to work across a broader urban environmental research agenda including developing partnerships with international research teams, government, NGOs and communities.

Dr Sameer received prestigious Government of Japan MEXT Fellowship for his research studies at Nagoya University, Japan and currently also holds IRDR Young Scientist Fellowship for his research in Disaster Risk Reduction. A keen researcher in Risk Resilience in Urban and Rural Regions, Dr Sameer has received high value national and international research funding and has published several papers in International Journals.