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Prominent Journal paper publications


Through the eyes of the Learner: A Critical Evaluation of an Urban Indian School’  Published in the IJAR: International Journal for Architectural Research:  Vol. 6, Issue 2, July 2012.  pg: 79-97 The IJAR is Elsevier-Scopus endorsed journal


‘A Methodological Approach to Assessing Child   Centricity in Urban Schools of India’,  Acceptance Confirmed, Publication Awaited. The ajE-Bs:  Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies 2013        The ajE-Bs is Science Direct Procedia & Elsevier endorsed journal listed by Thomson Reuters


‘‘Are Children A Marginalized Population?  An Investigation of Child Centric Design’  Published in SPACE: The SPA Journal of Planning and Architecture. 17(1) Jan-June 2013.


‘Post Occupancy Evaluation of Indian Urban Schools for Factors of Physical Comfort’ Under review. JAPR: Journal of Architectural & Planning Research  The JAPR is social science citation journal


Other prominent publications


Building Performance Evaluation of School Environs: Evolving an Appropriate Methodology’  Presented at AcE-Bs July 2012, Bangkok. Asian Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies & Published in Conference proceedings endorsed by Science Direct Procedia & Elsevier.


Evaluation of Schools as Learning Environs Using Post Occupancy Evaluation for Building Performance’ Presented at the Young Researcher’s Workshop at IAPS June 2012 Glasgow.  Shortlisted as one of the 5 best papers presented.  Published in the IAPS Bulletin,   August 2012 # 39. Pg. 23


Urban School Environments: A Methodology of Research in the Indian Context with Special Focus on Questionnaire Design’ Presented at CRHPBEHW February 2012


at National Conference, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam & Published in Conference Proceedings. Pg. 33-40


‘A Study of Post Occupancy Evaluation as a Pertinent Tool in  Building Performance Assessment with reference to Schools of Architecture in India’  Selected for poster presentation at conference, Pune 2011 & Published in Conference proceedings of International Conference on Healthy Cities: Perspective of Asian Concerns, February 2011, Pune.