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Other capabilities

(administration and other achievements)

Department level

In-charge of Computer Lab, VNIT since joining

Teacher In- charge of Architectural Society since joining

Coordinator of Seminar / Dissertation 2012-13, 2013-14

Co-DEC 2012-13

DEC 2013-14

Institute Level:             

  • Member of Transport Committee for National Board of Accreditation held 2008
  • Member of Photography committee for Convocation 2011
  • Stock Verification officer for Dept. of Mechanical Engineering & Sanitary section
  • Member of Convocation committee Seating 2013

Extra Curricular / Social / Cultural Activities

  • Executive Member of ITPI Office council 2013-14
  • Treasurer ITPI Nagpur 2009-10
  • Registered as Ph.D Scholar at Department of Architecture & Planning since 2011